Time is not right on forums...

Is it me or is the time not right?

My clock on the computer says 12:40 while time on the forums say 12:38.

It’s not a big deal, just wondering which one of the times is wrong.

I suspect your PC is wrong. My home PC and the server show the same time to within the second. Both are synchronised to different sets of NTP servers so I’d be surprised if both the PC and the server showed the same wrong time or that two different sets of NTP servers were wrong. The NTP servers may be fed from the same server at a higher stratum, but I think I’m using level 2 NTP servers and I’d be worried if any level 1 servers were out by a couple of minutes!

Chris, you were right…

Just check the official U.S. time :lol: and my computer was two minutes ahead.