tides_processor.php revisited


Have been running this script successfully for about a year with the WD generated tideprediction.html file…but recently have had task scheduler create a 365 day tides_year.txt file and have had WD upload it. Working great for a couple of weeks until yesterday…when the table comes up empty.

Verified the file paths, read through the original post for similar issues, reverted back to the tideprediction.html file, even downloaded a new set of scripts…nada. It almost seems that the format of the daily file has changed in some way…and the processor script can’t decode it.

Anyone recently experience a similar occurrence? Or can lend a fresh point of view?




I’m sure that I’m running the same script and mine is working fine. See here: http://www.relayweather.com/wxtide.php



I’m sure the script is fine…best I can recall is I mucked up something within the wxtide program itself…perhaps with a timezone, which is messing with the format of both the 365 day txt file, as well as the tideprediction.html file, to the point that the script cannot decipher it.

Thanks for the reply,

Hi Gordon,
Do you want/need a copy of mine?

Thanks for the offer, but I think what I may do next is to uninstall the wxtide app, clean the registry then reinstall. Along with the freshly downloaded script and template, my guess is it should work.

Not 100% sure what the culprit was but a simple uninstall of WxTide…a registry clean…a reinstall and a new set of scripts did the trick.



I’m at a loss.

Oh well…I had to give up the tide graph to get the table to work. A fresh install enabled the table to populate BUT if I made any changes to the settings to adjust the graph…color…time zone…tick marks…whatever…it’s a no-go.