Hi All!..has anyone noticed whether their tide predictions are updating/uploading . Mine hasn’t been doing so, since somewhere in the 9.84’s. A double check of my settings, shows nothing out of the 'norm, and the entry to upload is present in my wdisplay.ini file.


Mine is fine, although it is for some reason one day behind, but I can live with that. Try forcing an update, as mine stopped once and had to be kick started again. Sorry I can’t give you much more help. I gather you have checked the obvious are inputted - port settings and lat/long settings are correct.

The tide prediction part of WD is not coded by Brian, so he has little or no control over how tide predictions are generated. It is known that the generated tide table is usually a day behind, this is one of the quirks of the tide prediction software. It can also be a bit troublesome to get working, particularly if the upload time coincides with WD’s other FTP uploads whach depending on user settings can be quite large…


WD finally uploaded the tideprediction.html,…but it wasn’t updated :? .It was for the 17th, and today is the 19th. So mine is 2 days behind. If I do everything manually, it is updated/uploaded to the exact current day. As for which program is at fault, I have no ideas on that. I just know somethings not working right! :slight_smile: