Tideprediction.html funny

The tideprediction.html file is working, but why when it updates and rewrites the file at 6.00am, the content for some reason is wrong. For example, the file written in “webfiles” will show the date this file was modified as tideprediction.html 22/04/03 and the file date stamp at 6.00am, but when you view the content, the tides are showing information as from 21/4/03.

I go to the tideprediction set up menu, and view the tidal prediction, and here it shows the correct tidal information - starting from 22 April 03. I then update tideprediction.html and this is now okay … so you think!

When the next update event comes around at 6.00am, the date stamp has changed, but the content is still the same as the update I sent previous.

Can anyone put light to this problem


My tide predictions are the same, nearly always showing yesterdays tides at the top of the list.

I don,t think Brian (Windy) will be able to help you on this, the code/routine for generating the tides is not written by him.

Information on WXTide can be found at http://WXTide32.com where a newer version (v3.1 updated in Jan) is available. Maybe this can help you. I haven’t updated to this yet as I didn’t want to screw up WD as it’s running well now.


Hi Bob,

I had a look at the site you mentioned, but the new update and tidal predictions cover everywhere except UK, due to copyright reasons. O think I’ll tolerate it as it stands, unless Brian has an easy solution, but like you say, he is not the author for this particular part of the software.