thunder showers not showing

Hi all - I have a weird problem that I can’t correct.

There is a serious chance of thundershowers forecast and it shows up in the ‘view text’ file in Wret. In my 3in1 Wxsim display progamme it indicated a 60% chance in the meteogram but there is absolutely no mention of it in the main daily forecasts. Everything is ticked in Wret correctly and I have also tried to increase the sensitivity of convection but there is till no mention in the daily forecasts. Has anyone else seen this or can help?

Kind regards


A little bit late, but, do you have these settings?

$showtsprob = true;                # Show thunderstormprobability % on hourtable?
$tsclcover = 40;                    # Lowest cloudcover when thunderstorms shown (when >85% are TS shown allways)