Thread of Threads: Threads to Manually Restore after Server Outage 28 April 2015

The loss of information we all suffered here yesterday is…well, it is what it is, and we need to move on.

That said, there are many, many threads that contained sometimes critical information which helped us establish and maintain our Personal Weather Stations and associated websites. A ‘Thread of Threads’, as it were, might help us recover at least some of the more vital ‘stuff’. That’s what I’m proposing here.

My most recent thread participation concerned Google’s change to their website rankings based on mobile friendliness of said sites. The most significant contribution in my opinion was made by Wim, but others also shared their preferred techniques to preserve full site access while meeting Google’s standards. The salient points of this thread could be very helpful to anyone who is trying to comply with ‘Mobile Friendly’ criteria.

In order to keep this thread from becoming unwieldy and cumbersome to view, I’m proposing that new entries into this thread only contain suggested threads for manual reconstruction, rather than commenting on the threads themselves. Creation of the new ‘reconstructed’ thread would be incumbent upon the one who posts his desires here, and any comments and reconstruction would occur there.

Yes, or another option would be using the procedure I suggested for recovering your own posts and create “your thread” where you place a copy of all the posts from you that you think are worth posting again, I found about 80% of what I posted

This is possible, but organizationally it’s difficult to manage: everybody has their ‘Thread of Threads’ under this scenario. Your threads and any comments would not be placed in the appropriate Boards here. I think you should submit a ‘thread creation’ here and create the new thread in the appropriate board for each post you consider essential.