This one has me stumped

Last month I had downloaded a trial version of WD. It worked and of course I let it expire. Not thinking I deleted the file and a few days ago realized that I should have registrated the program rather than deleting it.
OK. no problem, downloaded a fresh version and then tried to use it. The program loads but it will not save or reload any of the information from the ini file. It does not seem to work nor after some attempts at getting it to recognize the station setup, the data light is green flashes but red on the quality light. When I go to save and exit, it does not save and exit. Restarting produces the original results.

Brian has sent many ideas to get it to work and so far nothing seems to do the trick.

This is what I have on board for equipment. Gateway500s computer. Windows XP home edition service pack 1. 2.4Ghz processor 80 G drive with 60 Gig free 1 G of memory.
Vantage Pro Plus Revision B August 12 2002 . Com port 1.
It works with the competition (VWS) and Davis Weatherlink with no problems. No other software has been added or removed since the trial version was working.

I have gone in and removed every trace of wdisplay and purged the recycle bin. Downloaded twice into two different directories and still the same results.

I am open to all clues, suggestions and may even offer a floppy disk as a sacrifice to the computer god if necessary.

Suggestions? :cry:

my initial theory was that the wdisplay.ini file, in c:\winnt
was write protected (i.e read only)
but that is not the case
in the latest vers, under view (last on list), there is a window to view program errors (a log file)
there is a error repeating there, about file not found, every minute
that might be a clue

but the not remebering settings on restart has affected others
but i can delete the wdisplay.ini file, start fresh, set up station type, exit , restart , and it remembrs it OK…windows 2000
so i cant duplicate :frowning:

for what it is worth dept.
Brian suggested trying the aprslite so I did. I got it to sync a bit. Well to tell the truth, It didn’t start right away, so I set the com port to 1. Then went through each and every type of station that was in the start menu until the data quality light went on, but no data.

Then exited the program started it again and the vp setting was saved. So the wild hair idea came up to download and unzip the new version into the same folder as the aprslite.

After it unzipped and started , the dang thing began to work. I also had turned off the modem and disabled the firewall during the unzipping and download .

Now it seems to be working as it is supposed to. I am wondering if something was either prevented from unzipping or that the aprs lite needed something to happen . then the WD picked what it wanted. Right now I have data that corresponds with the console.

I am going to watch this for a few more days and make some changes here and there.

Since this is interesting to me, and maybe to someone else. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Brian :roll:

I have found the bug!
it was a major blunder!

only happened from something I changed yesterday!

i now have the lightning strikes logged in a log file, called lightninglog.txt, in the folder logfiles (if you have a dallas 1 wire lightning counter)

if that file does not exist, it was created.
for brand new installations, i was creating the file BEFORE the default logfiles directory was creaeted for the first time!
arr, silly me, i had 4 lines of code in the wrong place!

this then meant that the weather station type setup was missed out , as was the logfiles directory creation setup

uploading a fix now (or just manualy create a logfiles folder)
silly silly me
this has affected Andy…me thinks

Gee answering my own post.
Well after some work, got it to work with Brian’s help. Not sure what happened but I had a solution offered. Downloaded the aprslite got that to be recognized and then downloaded WD on top of that in the same directory and it seems to be working.

One cannot have enough weather software and weather equipment if you ask me.

Since this seems to be the board of thoughts it is good to see that there are many choices of software out there, each having its own refinements and what a community of people to work with! Maybe if we get the President interested in a Vantage Pro he might be more interested in that than sending troops off ( but then, that is not the purpose of this board, Joe {sound of me slapping my hand and saying "Bad, Teacher, Bad.}) :multi: [code:1][/code:1][list][/list:u]

Yes Brian, I can confirm that it now does work HOORAY. I assume original users who only just upgraded their current WD files may not have been affected, so this problem only came out into the open if it was a fresh installation as was in both of our cases.

Anyway, glad you found it because we all had our heads scratching!

yes it was only first time new installs

please try the data logger test a few more times to see if fires up