This is freaky!

This morning I looked at the morning temps in Massachusetts and saw a strange temperature distribution on my mesomap…I saved the image: This region is known for some strange weather and this is an example. If you look just before Cape Cod you will see a pocket that is considerably colder than anywhere around. I am no weather expert and am curious why this pocket may have formed today…this is not typical and not an elevation effect. Any ideas?


That is strange. That lone 71

Could it be a cold front, and the reason it looks like a pocket is that there are no temp readings in the ocean to give a view of temps in the whole area?

Ok, forget the 71…bad data point. The water temp is runninf in the mid to upper 40’s F. Cape Cod is just sticking into the ocean so all area temps are being shown…there was no front passing this morning. Very strange, huh?

those sites look low lying…cold air settles into low lying areas…was it at night time?

6:00 AM

What I meant was that if the front ran NE to SW you wouldn’t see it as a front because, except for where it crossed the cape, most of it would be over water where there are no temp readings displayed. But if there wasn’t a front that’s not the issue.

if you were using meso map live, then you would see the wind direction easily, and that would shed more light
in FireFox I am not getting any mouse over info on your mesomap, which does not help in seeing the underlying other data apart from temperature

Yes, it was night…actually at sunrise. Elevation won’t explain it because the outer cape is as low, if not lower than the area in question and the reason your not getting the mouseover data is because it not a current image…I saved the jpg before I left for work.

the mouse over does not work in FF on other mesomaps i have seen (unless you do some changes needed)
out on the cape more I would say there would have been more wind, due the surrounding water, which would stop the cold air pooling overnight

that could be the reason, but it is not typical…what about the area’s more inland though???