Thinking about wd

i have ran vws for some time now and im kinda thinking about going to WD… i was wondering if i could run weather underground heavy weather uploader with wd? i will be getting the program that allows me to run several weather programs at once… but for now can i run wd and wuhu?


Hi Josh,

As you’ve got a VP2 I didn’t think you could run Heavy Weather as that’s for the La Crosse stations, I’ve never tried it mind. :wink:
WD will upload to Wunderground on it’s own, that includes Rapid Fire & webcam if you want to use those.

Nice to see another Offroader on here. :smiley:

My little toy that I’ve just replaced with a 2003 Discovery 2 :wink: :

you could use VirtualVP to allow more than one program to use the data from your Davis VP

Budgie- nice disco:) 33" under it? lockers in the axles… open? and ya wuhu works for davis stations:)

windy- ya that what i was going to use