The Wave problem

Brian, I am beginning to think that the problem with the wav issue has something to do with the windows xp software rather than yours.

If I use the talk to me every x minutes ( drives Rose nuts, great thing your software, now if I can get Arnold Schwartznegger or Crowe to talk, she might like it) it does a good job. Sometimes i need to re-install the drivers or it disregards the voice and I need to high light it.

However, the voice works very fine from the desktop, but on the internet it says it doesn’t recognize it. I get the error message that it doesn’t recognize the format of the wav file. Yet, I can go to my wife’s computer which has nearly the same toys and it does fine.

I tried using real media as the player and same thing. I also used the beta version of the new windows xp 9.1 player same thing.

So perhaps it is not your software.

I went to the windows xp media spot on the net and of course they were of no use. The odd thing seems to be that I can go to your weather talker on your ad site and she talks to me. Maybe it doesn’t like talking from the base computer.

I haven’t gone the mp3 route yet, but might try it later today, if the wife hasn’t planned the day for me, as usual.

oh and the custom speech is fun to play with…you can get it to say what you type in…

yes, I can get it to work. Just can’t stuff Russell Crowe into the floppy slot. Complains a lot.

Actually it does work , but something with windows media player on my machine. Odd

The windows 9.1 player has other quirky features as well as playing a compressed MP3 file or regular wave. Try playing regular MP3 music on it, at the beginning it sounds like one of the ole time crank-up record players(my grandparents had one) that had to gear itself up to speed before it starts playing the song.

Your not alone with it, and as a replacement I use Winamp3 and have no problem. On my sound page for playing my compressed WD MP3 talking weather I’m using an older version of MS player.

Just try to get MS to own up to a ‘bad version’ of the media player in both IE6 and the regular MS Media player…

i use IE5 still
does it sound Ok playing the file in the speech setup in WD?

been trying all day to upload the latest vers, but the server keeps reseting on me
trying again now

The speech setup within WD plays well as well as older MS media player versions, just this new 9.1 version that has the problem.