The "View" tab is not functioning on the main WD screen

Just recently, the view tab that is used to see climate records, etc., has stopped functioning. I’m running WD 10.37S b120, Windows 8.1, with a WeatherFlow Tempest.

do you mean view, averages/extremes?
the more detailed information you can provide the better

Yes, sir. Right between “Action” and “Help”. All of the other tabs are functional.

when you say stop functioning…how do you mean exactly?
try using the Enter key on your keyboard …if that brings crontrol back then that means its opening offscreen

When the “view” tab is clicked, the background color around the border, that is usually a rust color, grays out and the menu that should appear under the “view” tab doesn’t appear. Hitting “enter” does not initiate anything.

the best thing is to email me your settings files
also , is there any error under view, program event log, afterwards?

No, nothing pops up when the “view” tab is clicked. Where would I find the “settings” file. I’m not seeing one in the WD file.

There’s a FAQ for the files that Brian needs.

i have your settings now
for me, with your settings, the view panel opens on the very far right hand side of my screen
so what you need to do is reset the last position:
exit WD
then find in the wdisplay.ini settings file
the setting
[view panel]
and then delete the position settings (i.e left= etc)
and the same for
[Main avextreme],
last avextreme setup left=
then restart WD

Thank you very much! When I read your solution, it dawned on me that I had been using a second monitor for the computer I was using for WD, but had switched the monitor over to another computer. That was exactly when all of this started to occur. Lesson learned!