The best way to add a sensor as 'extra' to Weather Display

I can’t find a good answer in the search (maybe I’m not choosing the best key words?) but is there a thread on my question?

A few years ago Brian had very short, concise youtube videos for a lot of the common questions, but I no longer can find those, either.

With the administrator’s indulgence, here goes:

I finally have completed a Campbell Scientific CR3000 with wind, humidity, temp, solar sensors. Using the Station Type as Campbell, and using the cronpackbusnew interface, I can go to the IP address of the CR3000 and pull in the data, configured to send it to the main Weather Display program and all is fine and peachy.

This last winter, despite almost no snow, I got a Campbell Scientific SR50a snow depth sensor wired in, and the table display data looks great.

I now want to pull in that data to WD, and graph it. I envision something like an extra temperature sensor channel to do so.

Some of the fun is in playing around, but I also have found less time for my retirement hobby than I thought I’d have, so I’m looking for either a threat or a video that I may have missed, in how to set up the best way to pull in un-defined data and not only save the info but plot it on the main display graphs page. I have the cronpakbus program working well and can add this one piece of data to the rest of the stuff it pulls in, but how do I graph a new sensor and must it remain ‘extra temp 1’ , or some such, or can those new data points be renamed to what I’d like?

Thanks for any general info or where I might go to read more about it. Does anyone have an online graph of what extra temp or soil moisture, etc. looks like on their WD implementation?

The videos should all be here - (along with some of his non-WD videos)

List of WD ones at Weather Display youtube Help Video’s (