Tempest Weatherflow Rain going Ballistic after update to 10.37Sb150

I haven’t updated Weather Display for awhile and I was on b144 as of yesterday and everything was fine.

I decided to update and we started getting a little rain this afternoon around 2pm, but it appears that WD is taking the accumulated rain and treating that as rain per minute?

At present the Rain Rate is matching my daily total rain on the tempest. At the moment we have had 2.7mm of rain today, but WD is reporting 68mm of rain so far and a rate of 53.4mm in the last hour.

EDIT: I should note that for the last few years I have had “Use cloud daily rain total” disabled as I had issues with that function in the past and everything seemed to work fine without it

EDIT2: Station ID is 141215

Hrmm…rolling back to b144 and I noted that Cronweatherflow is at ver 7.1 and it seem it can’t extract data historically. I suspect this is something to do with the API changes for weatherflow noted in the version history?

Is there any place to download older versions of WD? Looks like maybe I need b148?

Willowsford Farm - WD Archive (novawx.dscloud.me)

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@windy2 just wondering if you have seen this or if you’d like me to send you an email about this issu?

Brian doesn’t visit this Forum much, so you would be better e-mailing him.

i would try setting to use cloud rain and calculated rain
as improvements have been done with that
also i would suggest always saving your existing version before updating
there is a couple of older versions on the download page

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Go and download cronweatherflow 8.5, it will work fine! It’s back a few WD versions, you can still run the most recent version of WD just get an older version of the cron.