Tempest cloud based rain?

Recently Brian added this to the version history:

3rd  February 2023 10.37S Build 147: Update: Improvement for Weather Flow cloud based rain option

Being an owner of a Tempest station I was curious about this so I searched the web and found nothing. Does anybody know what “cloud based rain” means or how it works?

Resisting the temptation to crack a joke about that, I am puzzled too. Do you not get all your Tempest data by API from a (possibly) cloud-based database? Is there a separate option for WeatherFlow/Tempest rain in WD, like “use console rain” for Davis, or have there been complaints about the way WD handles WeatherFlow rain? Sorry, I’m not much help :frowning:

Je me pose des questions également.

Yes there is. the 2 choices are:

(1) Use calculated rain total
(2) Use cloud daily rain total

In my setup neither is ticked.

I don’t want “calculated” rain total - I want what my sensor detects. This sounds like what the NWS service does when they extrapolate what they “think” the weather is going to do at your specific location when there are no other sensors they can use.

But the other choice, cloud daily rain, that’s a head scratcher for sure. I don’t know if these are related or what Brian had in mind when giving these choices. Like I say, in my setup I do not have either ticked, and my station does record rain. So what these do is a complete mystery. I can find nothing on the Tempest website that describes these options.

Je suis quand même étonné du peux d’utilisateurs qui utilisent ces fonctions. En effet, qui utilise ces fonctions ? Pourquoi ces fonctions ? J’ai beau cherché et je ne trouve aucune information. Cela est bien embêtant.


Ever since I started using the Tempest station I have been disappointed with how it measures rainfall. When comparing rainfall with my VP2 the Tempest has always over reported total rainfall amounts. The Haptic rain sensor has “problems” making accurate sense of rain drops. So I decided to try using these settings to see what my results would look like. I have enabled the #2 option mentioned above. While I don’t know what either of these settings actually do, I decided to see how they affect the readings.

Yesterday was a wintery day here with both snow and rain/sleet. Here are what my stations recorded:

Davis VP2: 0.53"
Tempest: 0.44"

You can also “adjust” the Tempest itself by setting to use “NC” rain. NC (Nearcast) rain is an additional data source provided via the Tempest Weather System, and is an estimate of the average rainfall accumulation around your Tempest at the neighborhood level (100m x 100m). I enabled this on my Tempest device.

I have no idea how this all works. But they do say it’s an “estimate” meaning it’s not an actual sensor measurement. Honestly, if I just wanted an “estimate” of conditions I don’t need their hardware, even the NWS provides free calculated “estimates” of weather at any location.

Other than rain measurements I have been pleased with the data provided by my Tempest station. I will gather more data comparisons and then switch to using the #1 option and see how that affects readings before deciding if I want to record estimates of rain data or just record the actual readings I get from the Tempest.