Temperature does not change on the display

Weather Display v 10.37S149
Windows 10 64b
Using METAR data
All information systems on the display always worked correctly.
I didn’t notice when it happened
The temperature stopped updating on the Display.
The temperature stopped updating in CWOP.
The temperature arrives correctly at METAR every 1 hour.
All resets have been performed.
The temperature was already stopped updating in the previous version that was updated.

Now only with help

I think you may have to e-mail Brian, the author, direct to get help with this.

Do you mean CWOP or APRS?

If you did mean CWOP then I’m not sure you should be sending METAR data to CWOP. The purpose of CWOP is to feed amateur data from additional locations into NWS. NWS already have a feed of METAR data so don’t need it again, and if you’re feeding METAR data for a local airport into CWOP as if it’s from your location then that is likely to be wrong anyway…my local airport (about 5 miles away) conditions are usually different than mine.

I know that the CWOP validates data, so perhaps they’ve noticed that your reports don’t fit with surrounding information sources so they’ve stopped publishing your information?

The data is being sent to APRS, I’m a radio amateur, but that’s not the problem, the temperature data is being received from METAR and is frozen on the display (in red) and is not updated in APRS transmissions, I believe the app is not be working on this value

I’m G6FCI so I know APRS, although I haven’t used it for many years. Unfortunately I don’t have recent experience of using it in WD so I can’t really help you with this.

Can you try an earlier version of WD to confirm that something has changed recently?

Hi bitsostring, this problem appeared in the previous version so I updated to see if it resolved it, but it didn’t.

Yes, I saw that. Can you go back any further?

See URL - Willowsford Farm, Northern Virginia Weather & Forecasts for older versions: on his website go to “Diagnostics” and then “WD Executables”.