Temp spike - WD startup-> fixed -> Vortex windworks (10.37M spike is back)

10.37L - 20

Not sure if its a bug or not, but when i restart WD, it will set the min temp to -20.0 C, and i have to manually reset the daily min temp etc.
It does not affect the monthly/yearly low records, only the daily one.

I’m using 1-wire for temp.

I have set a temp spike check of 8, but it dont seem to work during startup. Could you maybe add in a ignore time or something so that it ignores the temp reading for a little while after startup?


it will be because with the vortex windworks, the data is being checked for daily hi /lo data as soon as the windspeed data has started arriving, i.e before the stations normal sensors have come on line
I will have to put a check in too not check until other sensors have come on line
(not really a bug as such)

ok, made that change, use the latest .zip update

Works ok now. Thank you for the quick update.


10.37M - 01

On restart it set min temp for the day to -20.0 C again…