Temp scale misreadings

Hi! :slight_smile:

The temperature reading on the screenshot ( weather.gif ) display two diferent temperatures.

The temperature graph line display about 14 degree Celsius, the dial reading displays 17.7 degree Celsius.

The current last 24 hours, 48, and 72 hours temp graphs do not display temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, even it’s has been so.

Running version 9.84c and win 98

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

Try WD v 9.84e. See if it works for you.

Hi !

Strange, today the screenshot (weather.gif) display correct temperatures.
The current last 24 , 48 and 72 hours graphs is still wrong.

Ok, I have now update to the latest version, and the temp line on the 24, 48 and 72 hours graph is now manage ok with this update :smiley:

Many thanks for nice support.


i made some changes (to go to 50oC instead of 45oC) but it took me a few goes to get it right (thanks for putting up with me guys!)