TE923W now has a blank anemometer display section after Gustav!

Hi all. I live in Baton Rouge, (I’m on generator power now), and right before the hurricane hit I finally put up the anemometer on my Honeywell TE923W (with new batteries). I did not have time to press the “set” button inside of it, (which I understand is only for correct wind direction. ?) I never could figure out how to get it to show the gusts, it just keep showing odd things like 4.6mph, 5.5mph, etc.! When I selected the “Daily Max” option which I would think is supposed to show the max wind speeds reached, it always showed “0.00”, and the zeros are square made up of 4 lines, and the top horizontal lines that make up the top of each zero was missing. The wind direction, (although inaccurate), was showing and changing a lot, so that part appeared to be working.

Does anyone know why the 0’s where like that, and does the “set” button have to be pressed just to get wind speeds?

The problem now, is the wind speed area on the display is gone! Totally blank in that area! Nothing. Before it was blank I noticed it had something like “-Errr-” where the “Wind chill” area should be, and it also had something odd like that where the numerical MPH display should be.

It could not have gotten too wet, the battery compartment was of course sealed with the o-ring cover, and tight, plus it was on a fence facing away from the rain.

Does anyone know what’s going on here with the problem with gusts and daily max not showing, and now the blank anemometer display area?

Hey there Clint,

I hope that everything is more-or-less in one piece and that your power will come back soon. Well done on getting a generator organised. Even though we don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, we still experience power outages on average once per month, so we have a reliable old Yamaha generator sitting in the barn, ready to go on the first pull of the cord :slight_smile:

As it happens, I needed to replace the batteries in one of the sensors on my Honeywell TE923W system today, so I had occasion to consult the manual.

Here is what it says about battery replacement in the Anemometer:

Battery installation

Thanks for replying and the words. This was the worst to ever go through BR. We had 92mph winds. Usually they die down after coming on land, this one didn’t do that much. I would have hate to have seen what would have happened if it would have been a Cat 5!! Houses in the neighborhood are all ok. Had some tree damage, and thank God it wasn’t my big trees. Some small trees I’ve been nurturing for years got uprooted, so they may be ok since they didn’t break.

The generator is the best investment we ever made! So we have electricity and air conditioning (oven, stove, microwave, everything as usual), but no TV. Cable has been down for about 15 hours. Internet is off and on. I can’t believe Fox, CNN or MSNBC doesn’t have some kind of streaming telecast at their websites. I guess I’ll have to get an old-school antenna.

I have the manual and I read all that, but none of it explains why the anemometer display area is blank, and what was going on with the odd wind readings and display anomalies. #-o I don’t need to replace the batteries because I replaced them yesterday and the low battery status indicator never lit up.

Yes I had to do a sensor search yesterday after replacing the batteries. Do you think the base unit should be powered down, then back up again? I just came inside from propping up trees, but after I cool off I guess I’ll check the batteries anyway and the compartment. I guess it’s possible there was a leak and it’s wet on the inside.

BTW, the rain gauge got plastered! LOL. Well, not so funny really. I can’t even find the top part of it! 8O It was laying on the driveway out in the open so nothing would hit it, but obviously something did hit it. :smiley: Or a maybe micro-burst got it. Do you know if they can be purchased separately?

I was thinking more about this last night and realised that I have already tested the condition where the batteries are inserted into the anemometer without doing a SET calibration.

When I first got the weather station around 3 weeks ago, I powered up all the sensors while sitting on my desk just to check that they were all working before going outside to install them. By turning the anemometer quickly I was able to register a wind speed and by rotating the weather vane part, I could see the compass on the console respond. So you should definitely not be seeing what you are seeing, simply after replacing the batteries.

Yes, I would definitely do that. It is similar to re-booting a computer – always a good idea if strange things are happening.

Remove all the batteries and wait a minute or two before re-inserting them. You will have to go through the Altitude and Longitude/Latitude calibration again of course.

I guess it is the leaf screen part that is missing? It surprised me that the designers didn’t put some kind of latch in there to secure it because it is basically just sitting there. And no surprise that it has gone AWOL in your case.

Here is the online store for Hideki Electronics who manufacture the TE923W:


As you can see, the 923 has now been replaced with the 924, but all the sensors look identical.

You can buy the Rain Gauge separately for $39.99 from this page:


But I would suggest buying the TC152 Wireless Weather Gauge for $39.99 and you will have the bonus of an extra indoor display to put somewhere.

Thanks again for replying Grant. I’ll read over all of that ASAP. The priorities have changed now; our generator just shut off from no oil! The oil has been fine, checking it every 8 hours or so. (It’s a “Generac Guardian” 4390 15kw). After putting about TWO quarts of oil in it, the level was ok and it started, and it’s running…for now. (It only only holds 1.7 quarts). So now I’m trying to find info about this oil problem at their forums, but I can’t post at their forums, it seems some ridiculous “moderator has to approve the new registration” before I can post!

Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good at all Clint 8O

I hope there is a happy explanation as that is a lot of oil to go through in just 8 hours!

Good Luck with it,

  • Grant.