Tale of router woe!

This week I decided that I’d buy a new ADSL Router as mine does not properly support SNMP.

First I purchased a Zoom X6 which was a good price. Got it home and found that you could not change the default password from the Web config screens, also there was no SNMP config pages either. The port forwarding was also a nightmare, so back it went.

Next I bought a D-Link DKT-710 kit, again a good price and it said SNMP on the box. Well got it home and found - yes you guessed it - no SNMP config panels, so contacted D-Link who said ‘Ah yes this router does not support SNMP’. So back it went.

Next I got a D-Link DSL-924 kit, again a good price ans it said SNMP on the box. This time there is a config page and it does work. Got it all set up and working - great I thought. Not so fast every hour or so it hangs and nothing on the lan can see anything on the lan, have to reboot the router. Now waiting for D-Link support to see if they can tell me what the problem is or this one will go back.

For now I’m back on my old router (a Netgear DG834) pending D-Link getting back to me.

Now I’m beginning to think why did I bother! Oh well…


For what it’s worth: I’ve been using the Linksys WAG200G for a year and a half with great satisfaction. It is inexpensive (60 euros) and does support SNMP.

I hate messing with routers… but the one I have has been pretty straightforward… (oh wait… mine doesn’t have SNMP)

In the past I’ve seen “supports SNMP” meaning that the router allows SNMP packets through!

i cannot recommend the Linksys brand high enough!

I use the linksys wrt54gs modded with dd-wrt firmware that add’s so much more to it!

But any of linksys router’s are great.

I believe the linksys name is to be dropped soon and replaced by Cisco’s name.

I think you’re right…I’ve seen something saying that Cisco are intending dropping Linksys in favour of branding all their products as Cisco. After two failures with Netgear routers I won’t touch them again.

Its strange I hear so much about problems with Netgear routers yet mine has been pretty solid. It’s just that it only has SNMP if you hack it which means you lose it when it power cycles, and mine has no Wi-Fi so I needed an extra box. I thought it would be pretty straight forward to change, how wrong I was :roll: :roll: I’ve still had no response from D-Link even though support was open today. Wont get anything till Tuesday now I guess. I might try a Linksys if I can find one at the right price, but I’m not sure Cisco is that great either, we used to have enough problems with their boxes in major networks and I’m not sure they will really want to spend R&D bucks etc on home products. Ideally I want one which supports ADSL2 etc, not that we are likely to get it any time soon I just think it makes sense to buy one with that support just in case.


I’m another Linksys user :wave: with both router (non SNMP) and a wireless card for the spare PC in the back room. Not had a problem since they were fitted and their help line is a freephone or locall number and they are actually helpfull (had to use them when setting up the wireless card but it turned out to be a PC setting that was wrong & not the card). :smiley:

I got both from Amazon.

I’ve been using Netgear DG834 for two years. I use a wired link to both my Desktops with a spare lead for quick connection to a laptop.
Have recently bought and fitted three HDX101 adaptors where I want a signal. It even routes to a socket in the garage, but more importantly to the loft where I keep “Old Faithful” the sluggish old desktop from the fruit company.

my wife and me have different cable modems and hence two cable lines into the house for that reason. A while back she wanted to be able to use her WIFI lap top in another room. So I got her a Linksys wrt54G unit. It installed fine , every now and then, ok… once a week it would need me to go over, unplug the unit, resync her modem and plug it in and it was irritating as hell.

I then wondered if it were a power problem, so I connected both the power cords to her modem and her router to her UPS supply ( we have separate UPS… but if you have seen on my site my setup, it makes sense). since that time we have had no hangups with the router or modem. It seems that there is just enough of a power brown out for a fraction of a moment that causes either the router or her modem to lose power, re boot and lose the connection.

You might want to try plugging in the power to a ups and see if that fixes the situation, if not then see if that linksys works for your needs.

I agree, linksys good, dlink crap IMHO :smiley:

I’ll agree with that. The last D-Link I had was a WIRED router and I still had problems with it. :frowning:

Well I finally got a router off eBay, its a Linksys WAG354G which seems to be working perfectly at the moment. Once I find out what version it is (there are apparently 3 for the EU) I will update the firmware which currently on this router is the original one it was released with. This fixes a few minor (I think) problems and enhances the web interface and adds ADSL2 (well I can live in hope cant I :wink:).

Anyway now I have this and SNMP is enabled I need to find some SNMP software (preferably free - I’m a cheapskate!) to pull the data and file it somewhere. All I really need is the data in/out traffic so I can see if/when I might be getting near to my ISP’s limit. My problem at the moment is that PRTG seems overkill, MRTG seems a bit flakey as it wont compile with my PERL version and Interface Traffic Indicator wont run automatically. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might do what I need?


That’s the same model as I have, only I have a “v2” after WAG354G on the back of the unit.
I didn’t know it was SNMP capable. :smiley:

I think in that case mine might be V1 as there is nothing to indicate which version it is either on the case of in the web interface. I think I’ll wait for Linksys to confirm that since I dont want to kill the box with the wrong firmware. You should find the SNMP stuff on the Administration Management screen where you enable it and set the read community name (needed to gather stats).