Tags on Home Page Will not convert

I messed up my main page and have back to almost the way it was except for the tags I had on top don’t work. Here it is below. The only thing it does not get uploaded it is on my web server. So the changes I do are right on my web server. Here is the page link


<div class="headerTemp"><span class="doNotPrint">
			<div class="subHeader">
        Minot, North Dakota, USA</div>              
      <div class="subHeaderRight">Updated: %date% %time%</div>

I had it working before. Just don’t remember if I missed something or not.


Don’t you need to make the changes on the WD machine so the tags can be converted before the html is uploaded to the site? Normally WD converts the tags when it generates the html to upload unless your pulling the values from the clientraw file. But those listed appear to be normal tags from WD.


I had this working before but I can’t remember how I did it. I update that page on my web server. It does not go through WD for uploading. The only thing that I have on that page that needs refreshing is the gizmo but that updates through upload and I have it linked on my home page. I am not to worried because I am in the process of redoing my home page. It is going to take me a while to do just because I want to figure out what I want on the page. I am trying to steam line it. Take off a lot of the banners and have more weather type stuff if you know what I mean.



In order for the WD tags to be processed you have to have a local file that has the tags in it that is processed and then uploaded to your web server. If the file is not processed by WD then those tags cannot be parsed…

Maybe that used to be a frame or a include that you created one of the wxlocal.html files for?