Tags (not) updating

My tags in the webcamimagefiles are not updating (see att)

Strange, the more in the customclientraw(local).txt files it does as normal

Cam: ZZW, %date%   %time%   %temp% Wind: %dirlabel%, %beaufortnum% Bft, Uren zon: %sunshinehourstodateday%, Solar %currentsolarpercent% %Currentsolardescription% Neerslag:%dayrn%


Cam: ZZW, 07/01/09 12:52 2.7


Nobody has this (weird #-o) problem ?

see settings and tags in WD webcam capture.exe (att)
back to vers 1037h it works as usual

im running N build 3 with no probs at all. Im using allmost the same tags as you are too. have you done anything besides update WD and thats when it stopped working?

No beside wd web cam capt exe 8.1 wasn’t properly working (small weird pictures 55 x 240) so I went back to vers 7.3 and that’s capuring well.
wd 1037N now, but first problem started a couple of version before (10.37L last working properly)