Switching from Davis to Ambient & GW1100

After 25+ years with Davis Weather Stations, my 11 year old one needed replacement. I got an Ambient WS-5000. I’ve been testing it out the past week and I really like it.

I also got a GW1100 to get the data to Weather Display from the new station. Been testing that out the past week on a different computer. Took a little doing, but data is flowing well. I did order a Battery Backup for the weather computer also. I’m worried that with a power outage and how the GW1100 doesnt store any data, that i’ll lose it with power outages.

How does everyone else deal with that? I have an account with Ecowitt and see my data is stored there also. Is that easy to get into Weather Display if the need arises?


You can get an API key from Ecowitt. Then on the Ecowitt GW1100 setup page you fill in the details and tick 4 to get history data. Don’t tick Enable or you use the API to get WD “live” data.

At least, I think that’s how it works: broadstairs might chip in, he’s a Ecowitt guy.

So am I an Ecowitt guy and yes thats correct. Its stores all the data, so when you turn WD back on it will download all the data that its missing.
I know this as I once turned off WD by mistake one evening and then next morning realised it was off, and BANG it downloaded all the data.
Also it might be worth while settings the ecowitt GW1100 to static Ip if possible so that WD has the correct ip all the time.

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It can only download the data if it’s there…if you’ve lost power and your router, or cable modem, or network switches or anything else involved in getting your data into the Intenet is offline then even if the GW1100 has power the data can’t get anywhere. If you’ve lost area power than the ISP equipment may be down so even if you have backup power for your house you might still not be able to get to the Internet to send data.

True. . . I suppose I was only answering the last question :confused:

Yes the main issue is that much Ecowitt kit has no battery backup built in. There are display units with I believe both battery and an SD card. Note sure how easy it is to copy the SD card data to WD though. Also not sure they can talk to WD easily.


Just checked and there is a console (HP2560 or hp2550) both of which have an SD card slot but neither has battery backup so would need an external backup solution of some sort. There is an LED console which has batteries but no SD slot!

I think this is something Ecowitt need to address, having a console or gateway with a battery backup and SD card wold solve the issue of power outage.


Thanks for the info everyone.
What is the difference between the API Key and the Application Key.
I have an API key from Ecowitt.

There is a huge amount of information about Ecowitt on the WXForum and specifically this thread MUST READ Fine Offset clone models incl. Ecowitt which I know is a huge read but well worth the effort when initially starting to use Ecowitt kit. It answers so many questions. For this see item labelled 14.


I’ve read it, and I still wonder about the application key. . . do you make it up yourself, so that you can distinguish between API calls by different applications? (I presume you get a different API key for each AP key.)

EDIT: looks like it, now I’ve looked at https://doc.ecowitt.net/, as recommended :roll_eyes:

Just to be clear for anyone reading this you get a API Key / Application Key pair for each gateway registered on Ecowitt.net and this can be obtained by viewing your data for the gateway on Ecowitt.net using the right hand side menu under user name and selecting User Profile where the keys are displayed and can be copied.