Summary Image too confusing! Fried my brain!

This is just awful!

It has no less than 3 conflicting statements!

  1. Stopped Raining
  2. Heavy Rain
  3. Mist

I think.

Ok, stopped raining ( check weather dog. Wet?)
the heavy rain and mist. That is the metar, it updates or supposed to update every hour, but anymore who knows what the noaa is doing.

SO, where ever the metar is coming from they are reporting that. check your metar out.

I have had that , mist… I go outside and it is dry. I expect mist, in biblical proportions.

Weather dog (Angel) has been wet all day but she is a blonde lab and really just licks it all with her tongue. Metar is correct and within the last hour or 2 of the station data. Stopped Raining is wrong because it is raining and has been raining. I could go run the dog around the pole the rain bucket is on and all would be well! :slight_smile:

is it a new zealand weather dog???

humm, when it says stopped raining, and it should not, email me you latest.inf file from the folder datafiles

I wonder if NOAA has this one figured out yet??? (I agree, NOAA is somewhat late with their updates)