Summary.gif average wind?

What’s the period for the wind average on summary.gif?

its the same value as on the main screen( when updated)
and that value depends on the station
some stations report a separate average, other stations the average and gust are the same thing

The main screen is on the web page as stationname.gif - right? I’m seeing different average wind on there and in the table compared to summary.gif. I’ll check it again later when there is some wind, and if it autoboots properly when PG&E has finished working on the power lines (need an emoticon for praying)

(need an emoticon for praying)
Sounds good. Me too.

My OS WMR-968 specifies Wind Speed Data Update Intervals of,
Average Mode: Approximately 1 minute
Gust Mode: Approximately 14 seconds
Dated 00/08/21