Sugestion for weewx data file date

It will be very usefull to have the date of the last weewx data file. In the case of you have trouble with the weewx application you can see that the weewx is not updated.

You can check the date / time for the file and for the contents in multiple ways.

. . /pwsWD/PWS_module_test.php

Also clicking the status-icon in the bottom area display all date/times of all files

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Yes I now, but it will usefull to display this on the main screen.

IMHO the single character status mark is equivalent and less annoying compared to a text-string with the date time which is taking up space with unneeded information 99.99999% of the time
If all is OK, the single character is not noticed. Only when there is stalled data the color is added.

You yourself can easily replace that mark with the date-time of the stalled file or with the date-time of the realtime.txt file

Or use a pop-up with the filetime when hovering the mark.

So many solutions, I have chosen the clickable single character status mark one


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Good idea!! For me, most simple, most usefull. A single character status is a good solution.

That is the current solution, check my first answer, second image, red character at the bottom.