Hello Everyone. I am one of the admins at storm2k and just wanted to invite you to visit us at Our Forum is great. I just Know you will love it. Trust me. We have a variety of weather topics to choose from. We cover all the weather year round and when the tropics get hoping so do we. We also have several different forums that cover News, Sports, gardening and Just for fun. The just for fun section keeps growing and growing with more games everday. There is also a members gallery and chat map(soon to be updated)so you can see where all the members live. This comes in handy during tropical season and severe weather. We have a monthly newsletter and a chatroom with weekly chat on Saturday night. Everyone stop by and see us and what we have to offer We have a weather page with all the weather info right there at your fingertips and several of our own tropical experts and winter weather experts. Our members are like family at storm 2k!!! We pride ourselves on the quality of our members and don’t allow any flamers or trolls. So once again stop by and visit. Register it’s fast free and fun …you’ll be glad you did… Click link below to enter our forum (Only some of the forums will show to un registered members. Register and all the hidden forums will then be viewable by you) Any questions feel free to email me. Thanks for your time… Sincerely chadtm80 Storm2k admin

Maybe you should start a page with links to some of our webpages. Or, start a page where we WDites(WDers,WDies,WDguru’s) can add a link to our pages for people to search through for data.

WD is short for Weather Display, a program which we all have become attached to like a blood brother. It will be in us forever!!! :roll:

Your site is very nice!!!

Sure. No problem… i have looked at a few of your sites… Verry proffesional looking. I have a topic for links on my forum… I just usually have everyone post there links in there… If you had something else in mind. Let me know…

I would like to hear more about this WD…

How about a hyperlink tab or button like the ones you have on the main screen to a directory or page of links to personal weather station data, sorted by state. Naturally, you would have to ask for people to email you with their links or maybe a “guestbook” for us to submit our links. Looking in one of these titles under our index here will give you a thread with most of the users that post under here, a station location and link to the members homepage.

Sounds good to me… all I ask is for each user to sign up for membership with my board (Free ofcauarse) and then email me a link to your page and any info you would like me to include with it on the page… :smiley:

My board is hoping with activity your site will be seen by many. :wink:

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By membership you mean to access the forum? I signed up just now. Thanks!!