Storm Ciarán hitting SE UK now

Surprised none has mentioned this before. Amber warning now for Sussex & Kent till noon for winds and Yellow warning for rain. My max gust so far has been 47mph (bear in mind that my anemometer is not high up and in built up area) and my barometer has dropped to 956hpa, lowest barometer reading since I started in 2005!

Channel Islands and NW France have been hit very hard so far today.


I’m not seeing anything exceptional here, although the Met Office warnings don’t cover this area. Heavy rain last night for about 15 minutes, but only a few millimetres in total. 37mph gust in the last 20 minutes. Barometer down to 966hPa.

I hope the storm doesn’t do any serious damage.

So far locally we’ve not had huge amounts of rain 27.3mm this week so far and 5.8mm last night and this morning, barometer has just started to creep up in the past hour. One woman on Jersey had the bedroom window blow in while she was sleeping in the room with her baby but no one hurt. Locally we’ve had a few trees down and a wall blew down which is around Bleak House here on the sea front, again no injuries. I think Dover has had some higher winds with 70+mph recorded and Langdon Cliffs near Dover I believe, Dover Calais ferries cancelled as well.


in Hythe we have had the following this morning so far.
Hope fully will die down a bit now…

I think the winds were stronger further round to the south west, it’s not unusual to see that here. Actually I got Langdon Cliff wrong it was Langdon Bay and apparently it was 78mph. It has certainly calmed down here with gusts dropping now to about 20+mph.


In Sandhurst, Berkshire, I had my lowest-ever barometric pressure reading at 06:57 this morning, 955.3 hPa. Not too much wind, just a bit gusty, and no huge amounts of rain. Barometric pressure is a more reasonable 974.3 hPa now, and creeping up slowly.