"Stopped Raining" does not reset after reasonable

I was running v 9.84d, and it seems to be the same with 9.85a, but after a minor rain shower which results in one or two tips of the rain gauge bucket the summary image and the myweather table continue to display “Stopped Raining” for hours and hours after the rain has stopped. i.e. I measured .010 in. today at 1530EDT It is now 2110EDT and the summary and myweather table continue to display “Stopped Raining.”
The system is a DalSemi v1 with temp, baro, rain and humidity via a hub.

Hi Don,

This may help. Verify your settings.

hi i have finally done a help page for the summary image setup see the link on the online help, or click here: http://www.tokaanuskihire.co.nz/wdhelp/summarysetup.shtml

(not spelled checked)

should help explain things and help people understand and trouble shoot :slight_smile:

Good Luck.

Checked the settings. It is set for the default ( I haven’t changed these settings in months, nor the computer) which shows 360 minutes, not 30, just as your screen shot does for minutes to check back for its stopped raining.

oh, not a good example in the screen shot…

Does that mean the settings in the screen shot are incorrect, or the default setting is not 30 minutes?

which settings are right???

oh, not a good example in the screen shot....

the ones in the online help…
if it is not working the way you think it should work, then zip and email me your latest.inf file from the folder datafiles, and what settings you have the rain for