Station status getting wrong BAD AGAIN


Since a few weeks the station station indicates “NOT Current” for Weather-Display FTP and Weather-Display weather data
after five minutes and goes back to Current after 10 minutes.
I did NOT recently change anything in my configs.
What should I do to get back running every five minutes.
Thanks for any help.
-= Guy =-[/b]

Make sure your FTP upload is done every 5 minutes to avoid the “Not Current” indicator.

FTP & Connections/METAR/NOAA’ button on the Control Panel and select Web Files Upload times and Avg/Ext TAB

That seems to have made it.
Thanks Ken for your tremendous knowledge.
-= Guy =-


I did verify what Ken suggested and it worked until today.
Now NOTHING updates (uploads)

I have to click “Test Internet update now” AND “Upload all now
to get files current. Otherwise NOTHING.
Even that is no longer working…. #-o

Help appreciated. Thanks.