Station showing very low dewpoint and will not reset?

Hello. My station has all of a sudden started reporting a dewpoint of -36.6C and it will not reset no matter how many times I try? Does this look like a sensor issue or a software glitch? I am running 10.37S Build 150. Station is Davis Vantage Pro 2.

What is it showing for temperature and humidity?

Just checked that and they are all flatlining. Temp sensor gone perhaps? Tried putting in new battery, cleaning terminals etc all no effect. The base unit is showing all sorts of ridiculous values. Also humidity is flatlining too so if I remember right the temp/humidity sensor are all in one so maybe that has failed?

T & H sensors are in the ISS. Do you have anything else attached to the ISS, e.g. solar or UV and if so are they reporting correctly? It might also be worth simulating some rain (assuming it’s not raining at the moment) to see if the ISS reports that. If other things reporting via the ISS are reporting OK then it’s probably the T&H sensor module. Otherwise it could be an ISS fault.

Everything else seems to be working fine, rainfall, wind speed/dir, pressure etc. Had a look at a replacement module and not humungously expensive. Do they just clip in/out or is there any soldering required?

If I recall correctly the module screws down onto the base plate of the rain funnel (or in the fan shroud if you’re using one) and then you route a cable up into the ISS. The cable just plugs into a socket. Probably the trickiest parts are getting the rain funnel off (mine is a very tight fit!) and routing the cable…there could be a few cables and not much space.

Ok thanks I’ll have a look and get one ordered.

One things seems odd though this all happened bang on midnight (my stations “day” is midnight to midnight) all the readings & graphs stopped then, coincidental?

That does seem odd. I assume you’ve tried restarting/rebooting everything?

How old is your ISS? I have needed to replace the humidity sensor at an interval of 2-5 years. The temperature sensor never seems to be an issue but since both sensors are in the same small housing, they get replaced together. It’s fairly easy to replace. You have to remove the three screws holding the ISS radiation shield pieces together, then there is one screw holding the sensor unit to remove and I think one screw holding the cable. Then reverse the process. It’s a good opportunity to clean the ISS!

Yes WD and I’ve power cycled the Davis console.

About 6 years old so yes thats my plan, install the new sensor and take the opportunity to give everything a really good clean.