Station Data By Month

Trying to figure out why my site does not have all months data? Can it be re-created and uploaded? The only month that shows data currently is March, nothing since then…where does the template get this data from?

Hi Dan,

Mine is working currently. I’m not sure where the data comes from, It was like magic when it started to show up on the new PHP page from Ken. I would be interested in knowing what file the data comes from.

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for june 2008 its June2008.htm

you can recreate them (in the windows version, don’t know mac version)

Goto View=>Averages/extreme Noaa style reports=>(tab)Recreate the web av/ext page

choose month and year(the graphs are recreated to)

Hope this helps


I was afraid of that…unfortunatley that function does not seem to work on the Mac version. I just installed build 12 so will give it a shot and see if I can get the file re-created. Thanks for the info…

Hi Dan.

Sorry for the late answer.

Yes i se that now, ? Hmm i have don tat you and Henrik say.

Take the month and reset and tick that gns/eksterms when finnished OK

And at last, upplade ewery file.

It is this korekt Prosedye??



I fired up a windows version of WD to get the file re-created…luckily I had installed Parallels on my Mac along with XP…