Stalled WU file: Could not resolve host:

Anyone know why we have Stalled file from WU and our history and reports are not working

Hi FavWeather,

The DNS server of your provider seems to have a problem.
Better contact the hosting support and let them check their DNS server.

This is the full URL the PWS_load_files.php script uses to load the forecast.,0.88&format=json&units=h&language=en-GB&apiKey=API_SETTING

When running it in the browser, the WU site is found and returns correctly “message”:“Invalid apiKey.”

If you replace API_SETTING with your WU API-key the data will be correct.
So the link to the data is correct.

The PWS_load_files.php script returns the following messages when it tries to load the WU-forecast:

PWS_load_files.php (505) WU_forecast___: time spent: 0.056 -
invalid CURL Could not resolve host:

Also the scripts to load the WU historical data returns the same errors
Could not resolve host:
The data in the files contain error messages.
That is why your graphs in temp-block a.s.o. do not work either.

I tested on other sites, no problems occur. All forecast, current and history data is up to date and the files contain valid data.