Solar Sensor Set-up

You mentioned a little while ago in a posting about how to make a solar sensor, using a glass jar and placing a solar sensor in it.

Please could you clarify a few points please.

  1. You need to paint the bottom of the jar black. So, if the the glass jar is up-side-down, it would I assume be the lid painted black inside, so that the glass jar exposes the maximum sunlight into the jar.

Could you confirm this is correct.

2)within WD Solar Sensor set-up, what does the “update max solar value from this max reading for lat/long, daily”, as it appears nothing happens if I check the box.

3)Where and when would I use the offset for tenths of degrees C for this temperature sensor

yes to the first part

update max solar: it updates the maximum expected solar reading daily for your location for your lat/long, so that the reading wd caculates from the temperature sensor in the glass jar has something to compare too…

in the solar setup, try setting the maximum thresold to 13 /1 and the lower to 1 /1

Thanks Brian, I shall try that.

Can you tell me also if the total sunshine hours should be recording on the daily report of July2003.htm, as it is not? Likewise, are the minimum/maximum soil temperatures recorded in this file too?

the soil should be there…do you have a soil sensor set in the extra wmr918 readings window?

well, its only approx, and not really all that reliable, so i dont have it going out onto the internt

Nope. the soil sensor is set-up in the view/wmr918 extra sensors, and it is reading okay, but it certainly is not showing in the July2003.htm file!

try giving it in a name in that same wmr918 extra sensor window

Have named the sensor#2 as “Soil Temperature Sensor” already

ok, the solution is to go to view, averages/extreme, and tick i have a soil sensor

Thanks Brian, I have now done that. I assume therefore this will also show and correct in the “All Time Records”, as this still shows as “Record low soil temperature as 0.0C” although the high is recording correctly.

I will let you know when the 24hour rollover occurs how it updated, unless I can force this another way.

try resetting the all time record low soil temperature, via action, reset all time records

you can force the averages/extreme to update via action, update the averages extreme