Solar measure on Davis station stops with new Version WD (resolved itself)

The solar measurements on my Davis station appear every morning to be around 0. Even when it’s sunny.
I changed the station, since I have 2, but the problem remains. After a reset of the station it does function all day.
Next morning, same problem.
I went back to an old version and everything works properly again.

Any thoughts on this?

I have tested here and no problems with my davis station with WD mac
and I dont have any other reports of this problem
make sure you have set the sun moon rise/set correctly
also check the solar % offset setting as well (needs to be 100%)
which version/build of WD have you been using?

Thanks for your reply.
The settings you mentioned are all ok.
The thing is that is happens when I install the new(er) builds. At this moment nr 1.
The moment I do that it runs ok during the day, but the next day solar is measured at 0.
I mentioned that I have 2 stations in my house; 1 connected to WD and one solo. The second one shows the solar correctly.
I switched stations and then the next day the same thing happens with that station.
So WD someway connects to it and produces that malfunction.

When I go back to a very old build (10.37L 60 in my case) all works properly again.

When you use the new version,is there any error under view,program event log,the next morning?

I did not check that but I will reinstall Build 1 now and check that tomorrow

what do you think of the new compiler version compared with the old compiler version, out of interest?

am I reading this right, the console itself reads zero? sounds like it isn’t WD.

Check at the ISS are the wires conected to the circuit board in the ISS, take off the solar panel and disconnect each solar/uv plug and see if in the plug there is crud. probably not. push the connections back in. Shut down WD and see what the console does after you do the Done/- when the console resets itself and brings in readings. Is it still reading 0. if so, you need to contact tech support at Davis. See if they will either change out your sensor or board. it is a hardware problem.

Now when you say “0” not —? hardware. IF it shows up on the console but not on WD, then the settings. Go to setup under settings and be sure under davis you have all the correct boxes ticked, sometimes it gets odd and they untick themselves …

no, that is not what is happening
this is WD mac version
what is happening most likely is that some error is occuring in WD at midnight which makes it trip out and no recognise the solar readings anymore from the davis

I see, are the settings checked right in the setup. On occasion I have had some things changed on an update or something, not sure, but that is where I would start to make sure that the settings for a solar unit are checked. If not, Brian will figure it out.

I have tested here and it works OK
so its something about your settings/data
if you could .zip and email me those

Well after a few days the problem disappeared here.
Strange, but fortunately true
Thanks for the help.

you probably just needed to let the new compiler version bed in for a few days