Solar max value for this lat/date problem

I think I have a problem but cant find anything wrong with my setup. Here in the UK it is 08.50am just a tad under an hour after sunrise which my VP says was 07.57. The current WD max value for this lat/date is reading 0. Now no way can this be correct. It must now be more than 0. I have my date and time correct on my PC, in WD and in the VP - all double checked. I have my lat/long set correctly in both WD and VP - 01.26.25E 51.21.48N. I do NOT have daylight savings ticked and the minute offset is set to zero. It just seems to me from observing the values yesterday that WD is about 1 hour behind, as it maxed out yesterday at just after 13.00hrs surely an hour after solar noon! At 09.02 this morning WD just calculated a value of 1 w/m2 for this lat/date!

Can someone suggest if it is me or is there a bug in WD?

so, if its 1 hour behind, for solar noon, try setting the minute offset as -60
(as solar noon and a countries time zone can be differrent(
try that and see how it behaves

All that has done is set back the max solar value to 0. So that is not the problem.

I think you must have meant +60 in the offset, as that has increased the max solar value to a much more reasonable value for my location. I dont understand why I need an hour offset though since you must base your calculations on lat and long, and sunrise/sunset times without it are correct!

try this link, froim another thread:

Per that site his solar noon is at 11:51 (he’s only 1.5 deg E of Greenwich). I’ve been trying to make sense of his numbers for a couple of days, and now mine aren’t making much sense either :frowning: