So far this month 0.0 hours of sunshine?

And i know that we have had sunshine!!

How can i fix this?

According to another weather station about 8 miles away, it has received 70.8 hours of bright sunshine!!!

i am using davis vantage pro weather station and solar sensor from bluewave.


in the solar setup, do you have ticked, use the max solar reading for time of day/lat long?
and is your lat/long set correct under view sun moon?
and so do you get a solar % reading
and so does it go above the solar % set for max sun for bright sun you have set?
(default is 85%)
i have a bluewave solar sensor, and it works OK for sunshine hours (But I had to set the VP solar adjust to 70% or so )

if you have done all Brian suggested you should get a log file ie 122004lgsun in the logfile folder
Happy New Year

all is setup the way which was described yes.
The tick box is ticked, my long/latitude is spot on.

I have looked on the avg/extreme report screen and it is recording wm/2 well,
for example
28th of this month shows this
00.0hrs of sun
et 0.2mm
509.0wm/2 max reading.

29th shows
00.0hrs of sun
et 0.1mm
714.0wm/2 max reading.

THe percentages havent been touched. they read
80% for sunny
65% some clouds
45% clouds
5 many clouds
0% dust/fog


maybe email me your settings:
go action, back up registry entry now
then email me the files
wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.reg from the folder databackup