Snowfall Totals Automation

I’ve been using the Saratoga scripts and WD for many years and it’s been awesome. One thing I have struggled with is trying to automate the snowfall totals. I don’t have the heater in my Davis vp2 bucket and input snowfall numbers manually into WD but continuously forget to do so. Has anyone had any luck trying to automate the snowfall totals with any online data vs building a device? I just noticed openweather has a snow field in its api and it populates on my Home assistant instance. I just have no idea if this measurement is even remotely accurate. If it is I would figure out how to push this data maybe with mqtt back to WD for upload.

At the end of the day I’m trying to get the daily snow data pushed to my website without having to manually input. Let me know if anyone has had any luck in this area with online data.


Easiest method I know of is put a yard stick in the ground and point a webcam at it…

Some have tried using ultrasonic devices but I don’t know how successful or accurate they were…

Even melting the snow does not give accurate results…

I don’t know of any device that will automate measuring snowfall. I think the local news station relies on the NWS to provide measurements…and they probably use a yardstick :wink:

J’utilise ce system depuis plusieurs années qui relève la hauteur de neige automatiquement. Je n’ai jamais rencontré de problème. A l’époque j’avais demandé à Brian d’insérer ce system dans Weather Display.
Voici le lien : Software native RS-232 - Hardware / Home Built/Kit Weather Stations/Sensors -

Would be an interesting project…now that I live where it snows I may have to try it.