Snow depth not shown

For some reason, snow depth is no longer displayed on my template.
A few days ago I could see it, and I don’t think I’ve “tampered” with anything.
I use the dashboard script to write current snow depth, which is 2 cm, and the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, - but no display.
I wonder if it’s something I can fix.

I have no idea.
I copied the two files from the json folder to my test computer.
The 2 cm snow arrives OK.

I can not check your settings as they are password protected.

Check if your settings are correct on tab DATA.
Maybe you switched snow showing temporary off as it was showing 0 cm snow the last days.

If the problem remains I need a mail with your easyweather-setup password
Plus a temporary FTP userID and password to your main-website.


Thanks for looking into my problem.
My settings in easyweathersetup seem to be correct, - “We use the dashboard …”
I will wait and see and maybe later send passwords to easyweathersetup and my website.

Current releases use PWS_livedata.php to load the snow into the weather array

Very strange, when I check your scripts you are using a very old one
<?php $scrpt_vrsn_dt = 'PWS_livedata.php|00|2020-09-11| # | error uv solar | DWLv2api |windrun | standardized $et_today |release 2004
That release 2004 script has no snow features in it.

Please check the source, no code for loading the snow-file to put into the weather array

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Amazing what a skilled man can figure out.
I had destroyed something myself.
I had cleaned up and deleted the latest PWS_livedata.php
The newer file has been reinstalled and it works as it should.

Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.