Slow transfer from Davis VP2

Hi All,

After months of no issues, suddenly yesterday, the data transfer from my Davis VP2 serial/USB adapter to WD on WIN10 has become slow and sporadic. Additionally, the boxes next to Data Received and Data Quality are blank.

By slow and sporadic, I mean that the data received number increments about once per minute. Sometimes the increment is just 1, but other times it is like queued up data comes through and it will increment upwards of 10-15. I have also noticed that the current temperature in WD sometimes disappears during the longer intervals of no data.

I have my console directly next to my screen and I can verify that data is not updating on the screen/in WD until the data received number increments (specifically, the wind speed doesn’t change).

Another observation…when restarting WD, the data logger data retrieval window stays on screen for much longer and it goes back much further into the history. I have never seen it do that previously. Usually it sort of just flashes and goes away.

I am truly baffled.

Here is what I have done to try and troubleshoot:

  • Rebooting the machine
  • Checking baud rates (19200)
  • Rolled back the Serial/USB adapter drivers (I had updated them earlier this month)
  • Moved the Receive/Transmit buffer sliders around in the device manager
  • Installing a second instance of WD for testing. The only observable difference is that the data box lights work properly
  • Resetting the datalogger and console
  • Switching USB slots/COM port numbers

Any help would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 10.48.19 AM.png

Does it say anything in the program event log?

(View…program event log)

Ah…forgot to add that to my troubleshooting steps above.

Nothing in the program event log, and I enabled logging of raw data for debugging. I’m not sure how to stop the Debug Info log from scrolling so that I can paste what it shows. I can tell you that I don’t see any errors or anything obvious there.

Confirm date/time of datalogger/console matches computer. If problems continue do a master reset of the datalogger. Power down the console, remove batteries from console, check all connections between console and computer (paying close attention to the datalogger connection to the console). Wait 15 minutes then re-assemble and set/correct date/time on console.

Just completed this and so far, I’m seeing the same behavior unfortunately :frowning:

Thanks for all your help, by the way. I feel like I am playing whack-a-mole over here with my various issues!

Another data point from some more testing. I previously used WUHU software to upload my data and still have it on my machine.

As a test, I shutdown WD and opened WUHU and data updated on average, every 6-12 seconds. This would lead me to believe that there is nothing wrong with my console, data logger, or com port settings and the issue is somewhere within WD.

Unlikely but possible. Check your log file just in case.

I know things can slow done, or appear slow, when the routine for grabbing missed data from the datalogger cannot find the time it’s looking for and basically goes back to the epoch.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

As a test install another version of wd on the pc and then turn off the main wd fire up the new install and configure it and see if it receives the data from the USB logger.

Hi there! Thanks for that thought.

I actually did try this and while it did correct the data received and data quality boxes (they were green/blinking) it did nothing for the laggy/slow data receive.

Just to follow up on this…I purchased and setup a wireless Davis WeatherLink Live yesterday, reconfigured WD to read from that instead of the console, disconnected the serial/usb from the PC, and I am getting super fast data transfer now.

WD updates nearly instantaneously! I’m hoping this is a more reliable and simpler set up with less potential failure points. So far so good!


I am thinking of buying the Davis Instruments 6100 WeatherLink Live | Wireless Data Collection Hub for Vantage Vue / Pro2 also but I am discouraged because it does not allow local backups and the WetherLink cloud service requires a yearly subscription if you are not happy with very basic free options. It also seems to upload only the WL, WU and a third site but not AWEKAS, and a few others I had until my WUHU installation crashed. How can you get WD to work with the hub if it is not attached to a PC - and can you upload to more networks?

Thanks in advance!

Tom [email protected]

Hi Tom,

I too had been running WUHU for years and had it crash back in October, so I made the switch to WD. I love the WeatherLink hub, and no longer having to rely on the serial/usb adapter and com port on my PC.

Basically, you can use WD - and all of its uploading/sharing/logging capabilities to read the data from the WeatherLink hub directly, by providing the IP address of the hub (can be found in your router settings) in the station setup screen. Once you do that, you can disconnect your Davis console from your PC, as WD will ping the hub through your home network and get the data that way, and in my scenario, much faster and more reliably.

Let me know if you have any more questions! I’m still learning myself, but so far my experience with the hub and feeding WD has been great!.

Hi mdwx1,

I got WUHU back up again. Would still like to investigate WD but the software also seems to be not maintained anymore - and the community is also not too helpful. I did not get any replies to 2 support/help requests. One important thing for me is to save a local copy of the weather data as a CSV file that can easily be opened in Excel. I got this done with a template in WUHU but it only exports the standard sensors of the Davis station - not the solar radiation or UV - so I am eager to see if WD can do this. Any ideas?


WD does download and use the UV and solar radiation from a Davis VP2

Thanks Chris,

I would also need to have a local copy of all data saved as an expanding CSV file. Can WD do this and if so - how? Can this be customized?
Thanks in advance!


i wonder if the original problem might have been the barometer reading /offset
(ie it was out of range and so WD was rejecting the data)
if a second install of WD was ok then that means it was something in your settings