Skipping uploads


My uploads to the website are occurring every two hours (even hours), even though I have it set to upload hourly.
It started happening after I downloaded v9.29d

Any clues?

Thanks- Keith

Hermann area weather:

not sure whats up there…
also, i need to fix the reported next upload time
off on a school trip today
and the inlaws are here, and i am working real hard on the skview systems data logger support for the wm918/wmr918

anyone else have this?
is your graphing temp plot better now keith?

Yes Brian, it’s working fine… and so, by the way, is the new ftp program… thanks!

I got the upload to work by inputting the hours manually… but yes, the next scheduled upload time on the website does still skip an hour.

Hermann area weather:

Yes, I’d sent you via email of mine showing the next hour of the updated report when I’m on a 1/2 hour. Tonight, it shows last update time as 23:30 and the time of the next upload as 23:00???
This is goofy, I’m dropping back to one of the other previous versions as this is getting a little crazy along with the HTTP screwup.