Simple hit counter

I’ve never done a hit counter so I know nothing about it. I’ve seen several examples where the actual hit counting is a service provided by others. My preference would be to do this as part of my web page and not involve third parties. My website is hosted on a “simple” unix web host (Apache, I think). No PHP, no ASP, no MySQL. Am I out of luck?

You don’t need a database but you do need some sort of CGI script then. Do they have Perl?

If so, I’ve got a perl counter script that I’ve used for years you could try.

Otherwise about the only other option would be to use something like a Javascript counter, which puts a cookie on the visitors computer each time they visit. Not too useful though. There are a number of free counters out there too or perhaps someone can provide access to their counter system for you?

I use a PHP counter which uses simple text files to keep track of counts on a page by page basis. No database needed.

It doesn’t look like they offer me Perl or anything else under “Basic Web Hosting”. I could triple the cost of my monthly service and get Perl 5, PHP 3, ASP and MySQL. Or I could go with third-party provided (either free or paid) counters. For me, counters are just a vanity as I have no commercial interest in the traffic to my site. I guess I should just skip it.

Hi Bill,

I have a stats website running which you can use for free, it uses a small javascript code in your pages with an image fallback for if java is turned off in the visitors browser.

If you go to - you can log into my demo account to see how it works and register your own account if you like.

There is a help page at - .



i have added to my web site
a simple free hit counter

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