I’ve noticed a few people starting to use graphics (some fairly large) in their sigs. I don’t want to get heavy handed and remove the ability to add graphics into posts/sigs, but I’d prefer people to keep their sigs reasonably short and non-graphical

IMHO :wink: long sigs have three problems:

  1. They cause the forum database to grow quickly, which slows the server and therefore the forum down for everyone.

  2. For POTS modem users they make the forum slower still. One sig graphic I’ve seen is around 50k. That’s 10+ seconds with a 56k modem and some threads have the graphic repeated multiple times with each new post. With a 1Mb/s always-on link it doesn’t bother me, but I do care about others who might be paying for slow modem links.

  3. Some people really hate big graphical sigs :x

I have no problems with a few lines of text, including URLs to advertise your web site. There’s even a forum topic where you can put a pointer to your web site. I’m happy to have embedded graphics in that topic as they’re not repeated on each post.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words, but it usually takes up the same space on disk :wink: