Script execution time was exceeded on script wmcmd.vbs?

Hi all when i create alldayvideo.wmv the script is terminated be for its finished (big mpeg file & slow computer :slight_smile:
any1 know of a workaround so the script execution time is not exceeded

cut and past for cmd.exe

C:\Program Files\wdisplay\alldayvideo>encodenew2.bat

C:\Program Files\wdisplay\alldayvideo>cscript.exe//T:310 wmcmd.vbs -input “C:\Pr
ogram Files\wdisplay\alldayvideo\videolastday.mpg” -output “C:\Program Files\wdi
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

cript execution time was exceeded on script “C:\Program Files\wdisplay\alldayvid
Script execution was terminated.

C:\Program Files\wdisplay\alldayvideo>COPY “C:\Program Files\wdisplay\start.txt”
“C:\Program Files\wdisplay\finish.txt”
1 file(s) copied.

C:\Program Files\wdisplay\alldayvideo>

Blue Skies

Either increase //T:310 (time in encodenew2.bat) or remove it all together.

yes, thats the solution …I added that time out because Gus recommended it
but i wonder if it is needed at all?

Yes that did it got it to work now… tnx fer help

wat version did you edit this in ? i started whit 37c and installed 37d yesterday.


I doubt its needed, but it would prevent relay slow computers to end up whit several instens of encodenew2.bat running i put it on 900 about 15 minutes :slight_smile:

its also possible to add > log.txt in the end of the cscript.exe string… it makes a neat logfile so if something is wrong and you down’t have super photographic memory you have a Chance to figure out what is wrong :slight_smile:

put >> log.txt and you get the next log added to the first and so on…

Tnx fer superb program Brian