Screen resolution again

I just installed a new 19" LCD monitor which runs on a native resolution of 1280x1024. Since using this resolution, my wxdial.gif on my web page was over sized. I had a similar problem when first starting with WD where I had to adjust my resolution down to make the wxdial.gif normal.

I do not want to change my monitor resolution. I unchecked “use large screen size if larger than 800x600” which made my main WD screen quite small. I then hit "increase screen size 4 times to get the screen a little larger. Still, the screen is about 50% the size of my screen (used to be full screen). Anyway, this has fixed my wxdial.gif on my web page. But…I miss having WD as full screen on my computer. Why are these things related like this. I would like to have the screen on my computer “full screen”, and would also like my wxdial.gif be a normal size.

Wheh…that’s a lot of words for a simple problem…

try : click on no for use full screen if larger than 800x600
then exit wd
then restart wd, then go , use full screen if large than 800x600, then click on yes
try that
(to reset it)

Ok - did as you said.
When I restart WD, the screen is small (even smaller yet), and “use full screen size if screen larger than 800x600” is already set at “yes”.
Not doing anything else with it until you give me another step to try.

All is good now…
After trying your suggestions a couple times, I went back to 10.15h from m - then everything was working. So, I went to version n - and all is still good.

Thanks - now back to my FTP problem…