Scottish Weather Network Closing Down

I want to let everyone know that I have decided to close down the Scottish Weather Network website.

The closure will happen in May and is due to a number of things.

  • The domain is up for renewal in May
  • I haven’t had a new site wanting to join in months
  • Looking at the stats, the site has been averaging 16 unique visitors a day over the last six months
  • Lastly, I don’t really have the time these days to keep website updated and the site is suffering from outdated info & scripts.

It’s been good to watch the networks across the world grow, started & supported by Ken True, but I feel this one has had it’s day.

It’s likely that the UK Weather Network will go the same way in the future, but the domain has a year or so to run, so I’m leaving that alone for now.

Thanks to everyone who has joined and supported the network over the years and I hope the site has been of use.

All the best,

The Scottish Weather Network was founded in May, 2008 by you (Martin) as the 11th network in the series and the second international network (Nordic was #8 and also founded earlier in that same month).

Thank you so much for continuing to offer the service for these many years. I do understand network retirements as there have been multiple ones over time as life conditions or interests changed with the founders.

Please give me a message the day before shutdown so I can adjust the global network configuration.
Best regards,

The date has been set.
The Scottish Weather Network will now close on the 12th May 2023.

The date has been chosen because that’s when the domain registration runs out and it will not be renewed.

Sad to see Scottish Weather Network go. I’ve now removed it from the Global weather collection.

Thanks for all your hosting and administration work!

Best regards,