Saratoga Templates & WU Radar

Has something changed on WU. Radar images on my Templates based site show down for maintenance and have been that way for a while, although, checking WU, their radar/images seem intact.

Mine works, could just be for your area.

Try changing your WU-radar-inc.php to have

$RDR = ‘FFC’; // last 3 characters of NOAA Radar Site Name

and your Settings.php to have

$SITE[‘noaaradar’] = ‘FFC’; // LAST 3 characters of NOAA Radar Site ID

You currently have it specified as ‘ffc’ and not ‘FFC’ … they may have changed the WU site to require exact case for the URL generated.

Best regards,

BTW… it’s not too late to upgrade to a V3 template using the Upgrade V2->V3 tool page. The advantage is easier updates in the future. :slight_smile:

Once again Ken you were 100% right and as always, thank you very much!!


PS: I am going to upgrage, just haven’t had the time lately.