Running Weather-Display under Multi-Processor Windows 2000 Advanced Server

User Fishdude has provided this information resolving a problem with running Weather-Display on a multiprocessor system under Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The original thread is here.
I just successfully installed and loaded WD on my Windows 2000 Advanced Server at work. This is a 4 CPU Xeon box that has all the latest MS patches and tons of security lockdowns in place. Took me 2 attempts to get it installed:

Attempt 1:
Accepted default path of c:\program files\wdisplay
got these errors when the install attempted to register DLL’s and complete install.

Attempt 2:
Problem looked path related so I added c:\wdisplay to my server PATH and then ran install again. This time I changed default install path to match my newly added system path c:\wdisplay. Install ran perfectly and I was then able to launch WD and start configuring it no problem. This is a work machine so I obviously don’t have a toy attached (nor can I).

Seems to me this proves that WD CAN be installed on a Windows 2000 AS MP machine! [/color]

Any follow up questions should be posted in the WD Questions forum.