Running WD as a service - Is this a problem


I run WD as a service under W2KPro andI have noticed that if I close the program to install a WD update or and error closes WD that the service is not stopped, unless the system is rebooted.

If the system is not rebooted and WD is started from the desktop it opens as a normal application in the Task Manager and is also shown as open as a Service.

This doesn’t seem correct.




I’m cautiously moving to w2k and wondering if I should choose to run wd as a service. What’s the advantage, or what drives the decision?


i dont think its a true service
but the advantage is that is starts before the user login prompt appears (if you have that set…windows 2000 can be made to start auto without a user needing to login

Thanks. I do have auto restart but it might still be good to have it starting as soon as possible. I’ll try it out.