Return of "Users seen today"

The “Users seen today” function for the old version of the forum software didn’t work when I upgraded. The mod has now been fixed (and I’ve found and fixed a problem with permissions on the server :oops:), so for those who missed it, it’s now back in place.

Most Excellant! :smiley: :D…Thank You! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…it looks like it adds each user in the order they’ve logged on. It’s not in alphabetic order. But at least it’s back! :slight_smile:

I also like the “more stats” area - shows I am not the hog recently - not in the top 10 posters…

You’ve got a good memory. I wouldn’t have remembered that it was alphabetical!

Actually I just noticed it was a little harder to sort the names by eye. Then I remembered it used to be alphabetical. :lol:

It appears that the change from alpha sorting to login time sorting is a change to the underlying forum code, not the mod. I don’t really want to modify the core forum code because it means I have to remember to make the mod again each time the software is upgraded.

And it adds people in last login time. For people who are always logged in then it seems to add them to the front of the list each time they access the forum. If you hover over a user name you’ll see the last time they logged in/accessed the forum.

If I hover over my username it doesn’t show a time, could be it doesn’t do it for your own info, or could be because I selected stealth mode.

That’s quite understandable…I can’t say that I blame you. :wink:

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