[Resolved] Where do i change the solar colour?

Hi folks, i cannot change the colour of the solar for the graph on the main screen, not for the
graph itself but for the word and data. everything in the red box, its not, control panel, colours,
graph values/font size, THSW/Max Solar/humidex, in the graphs setup there is only changing of
the block colour, any ideas please?


It does not work, I learned a long time ago.
Solar is simply yellow :slight_smile:

Oh, can hardly see it :frowning: and, what the dickens has happened to my signature banner? Banner is back lol

IS this correct Brian, Solar colour cannot be changed?

set the indoor hum colour

Fantastic, thank you Brian, i thought it could be done cause i am sure i changed the colour to yellow when i
was using a different background colour years ago, thanks again :slight_smile: